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Fresh Organic Vegetables


Our most commonly asked questions!


What differentiates you from other markets?

Everything at The Shed Collective (with the exception of honey) is plant-based (no meat, no dairy, no eggs)! We have an amazing array of food and produce for those who are health-conscious, gluten-free, or those looking for a decadent treat!

Do all your vendors accept the same methods of payment?

Most of our vendors have Eftpos facilities. For those who only accept cash, there is a cash-out facility at the coffee counter ($2 fee, or free with a coffee or smoothie).

Does the market take place in rain?

We are on rain or shine, every single Saturday (except for a brief break over Christmas). The vast majority of the market is indoors or under a permanent sheltered structure, so there will always be cover in case of a sudden rainstorm.

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